Wendelby Horse Camp Series

White Night Mysteries

It’s the first day at Wendelby horse riding camp when eleven-year-old Kristina sees a pale little face in the attic window of an abandoned — and possibly haunted — house.

Kristina’s parents have just separated, and she has moved with her mum and little sister to her mum’s hometown in the south of Sweden. Kristina feels awkward and clumsy most of the time, and her friends at school don’t exactly make her feel better about herself. Turning up at the camp not knowing anyone, she feels alone and a little scared. But it’s not long until she meets Anna, a girl who seems to have no fear, and Finesse, the chestnut horse that opens Kristina’s heart.

Kristina and her new-found friends sneak out at night to investigate the mysterious house. A woman used to live there — some say she could talk to animals, others say she was a witch who will return from the dead to make sure no one disturbs the house. Who is the child in the attic? And what happened to the people that used to live there? Kristina finds letters from the 1950s that talk about longing, grief and loneliness, but also about great kindness and love.

Back at the camp, an overheard phone conversation late at night suggests that Viktoria, the two-faced riding instructor, is about to do something suspicious.

Set in Sweden, in the magical long days and white nights of summer, this is a story about a haunted house, a stolen horse and a man that disappeared more than sixty years ago. It’s also a story about friendship, belonging and the strong bond between a girl and a horse.

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The Christmas Treasure Hunt

When twelve-year-old Kristina falls off her horse in the middle of a snowstorm, she soon realises that her worst problem is not being lost and alone in the freezing forest. As dusk starts to fall, there are other dangers lurking in the shadows of the frosty trees. She suddenly remembers the rumour that there is a wolf around.

It’s the week before Christmas and Kristina is back at Wendelby horse riding camp, where she’s reunited with her friends — and her beloved horse — from last summer. Life seems too good to be true. Her days are filled with hacks in the snow, treasure hunts, Christmas treats and cups of hot chocolate in front of the fire with her friends. But is there something brewing beneath the perfect surface?

Out in the snowstorm, Kristina helps save two Icelandic horses and she meets their owner, fourteen-year-old Emmy. Together, they stumble upon an old treasure and find themselves in the centre of a wild hunt when they get in the way of others wanting to get their share of the loot.

Set in Sweden in the dusky, snowy days leading up to Christmas, this is a story about wolves, friendship, Vikings and a long lost treasure.

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The Secret of the Wolf

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There is something hidden in a hollow tree at Skull Island. This is what Peder’s grandmother keeps repeating. Kristina, Peder and their friends need to somehow get to the hostile-looking island to find out what the secret is — the family secret that Peder’s great-grandfather took to his grave.

It’s the first week of the summer holidays and Kristina is back at Wendelby horse-riding camp. The bond with the five friends she made a year ago has grown stronger, and she can’t think of anything better than spending ten days with them, going on adventures with their horses. But Kristina’s courage is tested when a younger girl, Elsa, is being bullied by the camp owner’s niece. Speak up and risk being sent home? And who’s going to protect Elsa then?

Peder finds a diary that belonged to his great-grandfather, who fought for Norway in the Second World War. His notes take them back to the freezing winter of 1943, when he was part of an undercover sabotage group in the mountains. Their mission was to blow up a power station where the Germans were making a new, top-secret weapon that was so powerful that it could destroy an entire city. Why has Peder’s family never talked about this? As the past is revealed, so is the secret, but the last piece of the puzzle is still missing.  

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Reader reviews

“I simply loved reading the white night mysteries book! It is a fabulous story that flowed together easily. I found that the pace was easy to read. For starters I loved the cover. Simple, yet eye catching and I love the scene on it. Then once I got reading it had me hooked, I couldn't stop. I cannot wait for the next book to come out! I have already recommended the book to some other girls that I know.”


“I love it so much - last night I read from chapter 16-24! It's a super good book because when I was reading it I was feeling ALL of the emotions in the book (like a mix of sad and scary at the same time, reading the letters). My hand was trembling as I kept turning the pages.”

Martha, 11

“I loved it. It is one of the best books I have read (and I read A LOT). I really enjoyed the story line because I went on a horse camp last holidays and I could really relate to it. I definitely think that the suspense and build up you created made me keep on reading, as I wanted to know what was going to happen next, every time I flipped the page over. I loved every second of it.”

Ayla, 11

“My daughter bought your book from the book fair and she absolutely LOVED it. I’m battling to get her to read. But she got your book and wouldn’t put it down!”



“For Christmas I got White Night Mysteries at Wendelby Horse Camp. My favourite part is when they find [X] stealing Hurricane. I like Anna. She sounds like a good friend. I think it is the best book in the world.”

Isabel, 9

“[My daughter] and I have just finished your book tonight — we both absolutely loved it and can’t wait for the next one.”



“He [my son] wouldn't stop raving about your book. I'm glad he's found a book he gets excited about.”



“I loved your 2 books about Wendelby horse camp, they were amazing! I loved the excitement and the detail that you added! I love horses and have weekly lessons and go to camps so this book makes me even more excited when I ride horses because I can pretend I’m in your book riding Finesse or Isak! I can’t wait for the next book! Thanks for writing such a great book series!!!!!”

Isla, 12

"For anyone who has a younger person in their family that is passionate about horses Ulrika Hedquist’s books are an absolute must read. These books are treasured by my granddaughter who couldn’t put them down once she started reading them."



School visit reviews

“The tamariki haven't stopped talking about your books and what they want to write. The teachers tell me how engaged the tamariki were during your presentation and how motivated they are to read your first book again knowing what they know now. 

The children who attended your writing workshop returned to class buzzing with ideas and some continued to write into the lunch hour. Some Year 4 children shared their ideas with the class and were proud of their writing. It filled our buckets to see and hear the tamariki hooked into writing more than ever before.

The kiako were also buzzing about you — saying what a professional presenter you were and that they could listen to you all day because you were more than interesting.”

Tracy Perry

Teacher, Bayswater Primary School


“Wow, what awesome feedback I have been receiving regarding your visit today. You continue to be a crowd favourite! Thank you so much for making this happen.”

Jo Apperley

Learning Innovative Teacher, Campbells Bay School 


“Thank you so much for coming to visit us! You were truly excellent.”

Helen Jaworski-Goulter

Teacher team leader, Devonport Primary School 


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